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"Much like an Alchemist transforms base metals into gold, ’ The Speaking Alchemist ' empowers you to turn your raw thoughts into shimmering words that resonate and inspire."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Preeti 

Public Speaking 


Discover your Voice. Transform the World

Public speaking is not just a skill; it's a gateway to success in every aspect of life. In today's world, where communication is key, the ability to articulate your thoughts effectively before an audience is invaluable. 

The history of the world has been studded with phenomenal speeches by revolutionary leaders that have changed the course of nations for generations. 

Whether it is a politician standing on stage to influence people or a college student giving a presentation, public speaking is a skill that everyone needs to learn and excel at.  

Why Choose Preeti?

Certified at Harvard University -

Art of Persuasive Writing & Public Speaking

Multiple awards at the District level 

Triple Crown Winner 

District Table Topics Competition

2nd Runner Up  2022

District Evaluation Champion 2021 

Public Speaking Coach & Keynote Speaker

Your Transformation after this course 
Channelize your nervousness to deliver spectacular speeches 
Use your body language to drive home powerful messages 
Mesmerize your audience with your vocal variations
Your next speech can ignite a million inspirations

Our Courses

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Online Courses
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